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Designer’s Eye is a full-service home interior design firm owned by lead designer, Kristen Enwright.

Our ideal client is someone who…

Designers Eye Living Room Design

… is tired of wasting money chasing someone else’s dream home. Someone, who instead, desires to have thoughtful interiors which reflect their life and values.

Designers Eye Dining Room Design

… has grown weary of making due and may feel stuck because they don’t have a plan or even know where to start to make changes. Someone who wants to find joy in the items they live with because they were chosen with intention and value in mind.

Designers Eye Master Bathroom

… may be embarrassed by their home because it does not look or function for the way they truly live. Someone who wants to be excited to share their home and by extension, themselves, with those they love (or love to make jealous).


We work will all of these clients to develop a plan for their specific project. From a one-room paint consult to a full home remodel or new build because every project is important because it is YOUR project.

The first step is to schedule a consult.  We will develop a customized plan from that meeting, create a vision for your space, address your concerns, remain mindful of your budget and, as a result will celebrate your finished project. 

We look forward to working with you!

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Kristen Enwright Interior Designer Designers Eye Charlotte

Hello, my name is Kristen Enwright!

I am an interior designer and owner of Designer’s Eye, LLC.  Designing interiors has been my profession for eleven years but that is only because I was too chicken to course-correct my career path in college.

I was almost certain that growing up near Charlotte, North Carolina, as I did, required a stint in the banking industry as an adult.  So, I earned a suitable degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and served my time at a big bank; meanwhile, I was day dreaming about how to accessorize my cubicle to make it a bearable container each work day.

Encouragement from family and friends carried me through the rigors of earning another B.A., this time in Interior Design from Queens University while also working, raising children and starting my own business.  The satisfaction of moving my life onto its proper trajectory was more than enough to overshadow the exhaustion and fear of the unknown a shift in life like that brings with it.

Brave and patient clients ushered me along the steep learning curve of owning a business.  They took a risk on my freshly minted design skills (with stunning results) but it was their trust in my commitment to their vision of home that was the key to my growth and success.

Time and experience have honed my design tools giving me the freedom and delight in knowing how and when to break “the rules”.  Time and experience have also honed my appreciation for the relationships I built with clients; clients who now have unwavering trust in my ability to carry them through a project, push them beyond their own vision and create with them a home which reflects the people, places and memories they cherish.  A beautiful house.  Their home.

It is with gratitude that I begin each new client relationship and design project, and in that order.  I look forward to meeting you and yours.

Are you ready to love where you live?

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We have worked with Kristen on several remodel projects.   She designed our kitchen and master bath along with redecorating other areas in our home .  Kristen was always great choosing paint colors and coordinating fabrics for the total look.   Her follow up and design experience is outstanding.

Cathy, Residential Client

I’ve worked with Kristen on several projects in my home and have loved the outcomes on every one.  I appreciate that she’s willing to tailor her services depending on how much I want to be involved in the project myself – which can range from shopping together for just the right light fixture or fabric to her bringing selections to me at home. We also rely on her keen color sense for any painting we do and are always delighted with the results. 

BJ, Residential Client

Kristen has been a breath of fresh air! She is creative, flexible, and respectful of our budget.  I don’t feel like I’m getting cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all advice, or being forced to choose things that aren’t “us”.  She’s been very easy to get in touch with, easy to talk to, and very organized.  Not my experience in the past – what a nice change!  Big projects, small projects, ANY projects…I can’t recommend her enough!!  

Kate, Residential Client

Kristen has been a powerful resource to both my buyer and seller clients. She has assisted Sellers as to preparing their property for sale in projects from paint or light fixture changes, all the way through full staging. I am confident referring Kristen to my Buyers because of her professionalism, keen eye and aesthetics, and her ability to give the same attention to projects large and small.  I can only refer contractors, vendors and others to my clients if I know they will make me look good, as a bad experience will reflect poorly on me. Kristen always makes me look good!

Frances, Realtor

We have had the pleasure of working with Kristen for several projects in our new home.  With her guidance and creativity, we couldn’t be happier with the results!  Along with Kristen’s design plan, she was more than willing to incorporate our own treasured pieces for that unique and personal outcome.  We appreciated her patience and her professionalism to find just the right fabrics and accessories to bring it all together.

Sandy and Steve, Residential Clients

I love working with Kristen!  She has helped me redecorate a family room, design and furnish a screened in porch, and, mostly importantly, guided me through building a custom home.  Sometimes I simply asked Kristen to point me in the right direction, while other decisions I turned completely over to her.  Kristen always hears my vision and works with me to achieve a finished product that’s better than I could even imagine!  I look forward to working with Kristen on my next project.

Carrie, Residential Client

Kristen is everything you could want in an interior designer.  She has great taste, listens to her clients so she understands what they’re trying to achieve, and stays within the budget you give her.  She is a lovely person to talk to and work with and she is always professional.  She’s punctual, organized, and responds promptly.   I never felt like I had to follow-up or that she was not working on my project.  I also liked the fact that although I thought I knew what I wanted, she did offer suggestions that I would not have otherwise considered and I liked her suggestions better than my own.   Kristen has helped me select furniture, fabrics, lighting, and carpet.  She has also helped with room layout and has a great eye for scale.  I would highly recommend her!

Nancy, Residential Client